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When will you send out the order?

After successful payment, the seller will be preparing the shipment and send the goods in due time. If the shipment is not completed in the required time on the order page, Apexified will close the order and return all the funds to you.

Mostly, we will complete the shipment process in 7 business days. The order status, then, will change to “Apexified has shipped your order”.

If you don’t want this order anymore, you can click “Request Order Cancellation” to submit a cancellation request. For detailed information, please refer to: How do I cancel an order?

If we did not respond to your cancellation request within 72 hours, the order will be automatically closed

But If we refused the request, please get in contact with us to reach an agreement (we might have been preparing the shipment, thus, the cancellation will bring us loss).

How to cancel my order?

How to cancel my order?

Before payment: you can cancel order directly;

Order status is “Awaiting Shipment”: need seller’s approval for your cancellation request;

After goods is sent out: cannot cancel order (you can reject/return the goods after it is delivered to you).


How to cancel an order?

Please click the button [Cancel Order] on order detail page, select a reason for cancellation, and then [Submit] the request.


You’re highly suggested to contact seller to speed up your cancellation request.

If we does not respond your cancellation request within 72 hours, the order will be automatically closed.

If we refused the request, please get in contact with the us to reach an agreement (we might have been preparing the shipment, thus, the cancellation will bring us loss).




1. The order will be cancelled automatically if we fails to ship goods in due time.

2. If we have sent goods out, but you haven’t received your order after delivery time is out, or you are not satisfied with the product you received, please get in touch with the us first to try to come to a solution. If that doesn’t work, you can apply for a refund by opening a dispute before the Buyer Protection has ended.

Why was the deducted amount more than the agreed order amount?

Apexified only deducts the agreed amount of the order, which is indicated on the checkout as well.

Possible reasons for the exceeded amount are:
1. exchange rate has changed.
2. Commission fee taken by your bank or card company.
3. Your bank converts the currency for you to proceed the payment. For instance, your card only supports USD transactions while the order should be paid in RUB. As a result, extra funds may be required for the conversion.

To figure it out, you may contact the bank to check the transaction details.

Could someone affect the numbers by The payment was deducted twice. What can I do?

Step 1. Please confirm if there is another order with same amount.

Step 2. If no duplicate order placed, please do not worry, for apexified.com only deducts once and the other payment will not proceed. Since some banks may hold the funds for days, we suggest that you wait for the release of the funds or contact your bank to check.

How to change shipping address?

Before place an order

You can add new shipping address and place order with it. Click here to learn how to add new address.

Before ship out the order
Please contact the us in time to update correct shipping address. We can arrange shipment to the correct one.

Or you can cancel the order and place a new one. Your payment will be fully refunded within 3-20 days after getting our approval.

After ship out the order
After seller ships the parcel, shipping address could not be changed any more. Hope you kindly understand this. Usually, shipping companies will call the contact number on the parcel if it is failed to be delivered.

Why has my order been frozen?

When an order has been frozen, we will send you an email including the detailed reason for freezing the order.

You can also find the reason in your Apexified account:
Go to My orders > click View Details to find out why your order has been frozen.

If you processed a chargeback from your bank account, then your order will appear as frozen. Please wait for the verification result or contact the bank for the details.

If your bank agrees to chargeback, your order will be closed and you’ll receive a full refund.
If your bank reject the chargeback, your order will be unfrozen and you will be able to continue processing the order accordingly.

How to add products to the shopping cart?

To add products to your Shopping Cart, please take below steps:
Step 1. Open a product page
Step 2. Select the product and the shipping details, click ‘Add to Cart’

Step 3. After that, you can go to Shopping Cart to check these products at any time.

Kindly note: You can add up to 100 items to your Shopping Cart.

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